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The Dailey Diet, a recipe for success


Phase One: As our Guest  for the 1st  of 3 weeks of Rejuvenation you'll healthily detox, safely letting go 8-10 lbs.  You'll also learn  Phase One of The Dailey Diet returning home and over the next 2 weeks safely and healthily detoxing 10 -12 lbs.

Phase Two: Week 4 is the most important week of The Dailey Diet, you return to The Dailey Renewal Retreat to enjoy stabilizing your success letting go 2-3 lbs, you healthily continue Phase Two at home for 2 weeks successfully letting go up to 6 lbs.

Phase Three:  Dessert, week 7 you return to The Dailey Renewal Retreat to enjoy healthy dessert the symbol of a nurturing relationship with food continuing the principles of phase two of The Dailey Diet, letting go an additional 2-3 lbs.

Jean Dailey, Author, Instructor, Whole Foods Chef

Transform your life

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Soup Series
Food is a symbol for
how we nurture
 We dream more of being successful with our physical body.
Because we're uniquely spiritually designed for the purpose of learning  lessons about Love.  The 3rd Energy Center (Chakra) located where the umbilical cord is teaches us how to be successful.


It's lesson is:  embracing  what you fear.


If food and this area of your body are issues join Jean Dailey, The Dailey Diet, a recipe for success. She'll  guide you to developing  self-esteem, the key to success.



Register below for every other Wednesday evenings  Jan 8, Jan 22, Feb 5, Feb 19, March 5, Mar 9, $240* for the series, $40*/class
Soup nourishes & supports
The 3rd Energy Center: Personal Power/Success

 : Hearing the Voice making the choices  Black Bean Soup

Nov 6: Surrendering this Voice -Pear Charlotte

Nov 20: Listening to one’s own voice-Italian Biscotti

Dec 4:Engaging Willpower based on one’s own voice -Holiday Teascake

Dec  18: Self-Esteem, following your Gut - Pecan Crescents
Dec. 11: Freedom from addiction  - " Peanut Blossoms with Raspberry Jam

  Class size  limited to 25
 *Deep Roots Owner Discount 10% $202.50 series, $36/class