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French Recipes Served, Dailey Renewal Retreat

Quiche Lorraine


1 1/2 cups organic flour, either all purpose Gluten free or whole grain

1/4 cup organic olive oil

1/4 cup filtered cold water

A pinch of sea salt


4 regular size free range eggs

1 cup organic half & half

4 oz. any good melting cheese, Gruyer or Swiss are favorites

4 slices of Trader Joes peppered turkey bacon

1/4 teas. sea salt

1/8 teas. freshly ground nutmeg

1/8 teaspoon white pepper

Ceramic Quiche Plate

After preparing the crust, preheat oven to 350 degrees, bake for 40-50 minutes

Serves 6

While making the crust, in a cast iron skillet, fry the 4 slices of Trader Joe's peppered turkey bacon, 10 minutes medium heat


In a large mixing bowel, add flour with a pinch of salt cutting (I like to use a fork to do this, several kitchen knives also work) the olive oil into the flour until it's the texture of wet sand. Gluten free flour requires 1-2 TBS. more olive oil in addition to a 1/4 cup. While you're slicing the olive oil into the flour, place the 1/4 cup filtered water in the freezer, making sure not to freeze it but get it icy cold.

Once the olive oil is sliced into the flour add just enough icy cold filtered water to enable you to mold the flour into a ball. Be careful at this point not to over handle the flour or your crust will be dense vs. flakey.

Place 2 sheets of waxed or parchment paper on the counter. Place the ball of flour on top of one, the other one on top of it, with your rolling pin push down to flatten the flour rolling it out to 1/4" thickness.

Lift the top sheet of paper off & discard, place quiche plate face side down directly on top of the crust, with your hand under the bottom of the waxed or parchment paper, flip the crust into the quiche plate, pushing crust into place, trimming the edges (with your first washed hands*,)to fit the fluted edge of the plate.

Place the 4 slices of fried turkey bacon equi-distance on top of the crust at the bottom of the Quiche plate.

Quiche Filling

In a medium mixing bowl, whisk 4 eggs til thoroughly beaten, add seasonings: salt, white pepper & nutmeg, thoroughly blending again. Add the 1 cup of half & half blending all thoroughly then very gently pour this mixture over the turkey bacon in the Quiche Plate, try not to disturb the spacing of the bacon. The bacon might rise to the surface, no worries just so long as it's equi-distant in the plate.

Grate the cheese directly onto the Quiche, being certain to cover all surface area, place Quiche on the middle shelf of the oven with light on to see the magnificent bubbled top that appears 40 minutes into cooking. This spectacle is part of the treat of eating Quiche, you might wish to share it with your Guests. Please note after removing the Quiche from the heat the cheese will settle in about 5-10 minutes max. or if left in the oven at a lower temperature the same will occur. You have 10 minutes max to enjoy the poof.

*Traditional French recipes meet our standard for health, the French pioneered free range & organic in the 1960's. Safe kitchen standards i.e. washing one's hand prior to directly touching any food item are always followed.


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