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1914 Albert Eugene Fordham, original owner of the B & B house

History has a way of correcting any notion we might have that now is the worst possible moment in time. Albert Eugene Fordham moved to Greensboro in 1900 with his cousin Christopher from Lenoir County in the eastern part of the state, sorta where my family settled when I was 9.

Albert was President of Fordham Shoe Company his cousin ran Fordham Pharmacy, you can still see the name in black & white tile at the entrance to one of the antique buildings on S. Elm St.

Greensboro was having an economic heyday thanks to Moses Cone the Industrialist & founder of Cone Mills. 5 railroads converged downtown, hence Greensboro came to be known as Gate City and enjoyed the largest population of any city in NC.

The year Albert, built the B & B home for his wife, 1914 WWI began, 3 years later the United States entered this war, 4 years later the Spanish Flu hit. During these 4 years Albert's wife had a stroke, her sisters in Oak Ridge, NC cared for her.

This was long before unemployment compensation or pandemic relief assistance to businesses. Albert had done very well in the shoe business he was fortunate to find a partner, Mr. Brown and align business fortunes.

The Albert Eugene Fordham home is featured in several Greensboro history books.

I like to think we're carrying on the proud tradition of his early enterprising business & I don't just mean buying too many shoes.

We've enjoyed recent Guests from as far away as South Korea, an American school teacher returning stateside, a public relations owner from the DC area & his family picking their daughter up to avoid flights through Atlanta & DC, and a favorite the returning Guest with family to visit in Greensboro!

Ever on the lookout for safe places to visit Herbie & I are headed to Tangier Island, Va, soft shell crab capital of the world best of all zero virus to celebrate my birthday this week.

Practicing the rules of the physical world: washing my hands often, wearing a face mask and social distancing I expect to be well and hope to see you right back here when life brings you this way.


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