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Boosting Immunity how to be stronger

Boosting Immunity How to be stronger

Dr. John Christopher revered herbalist predicted the near future would be characterized by uncontrollable plagues; herbal, nutritional remedies would protect.

Eating commercial meat, dairy, eggs, poultry & most livestock dosed daily with antibiotics results in low-level antibiotic ingestion.

Antibiotics kill off micro organisms in the digestive tract preparing fertile ground for overgrowth of organisms that weaken the immune system.

Re-establishing healthy flora can be done with acidophilus, raw sauerkraut, chlorophyll-rich foods such as deep green vegetables, barley-grass concentrates and small daily amounts of miso soups.

Women who take oral contraceptives are at greater rick, continual, unnatural stimulation of the hormonal system unbalances the liver & pancreas which support a healthy digestive tract.

In 1972 my father Martel J. Dailey, MD founded the American Hepatic Foundation (now The American Liver Foundation,)after participating in the International Academic race to isolate Hepatitis B.

Sound nutritional practices combined with scientific advances = Together we can make the world we live in better.

Remember: don't worry, wisdom is the result of a relaxed mind. Harmful emotions create illness.

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