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How you can make fall and winter safer, both physically and mentally.

What matters is whether people know how to properly protect themselves from the virus. Fortunately, the prevention steps for both transmission routes(droplets & aerosols) are largely the same: keep your distance & wear a mask.

Regardless, it’s critical people keep washing their hands!

Evidence of the importance of masks, has been mounting, not only because they trap outgoing particles from escaping, which protects others, but also because they block larger incoming particles from getting into a person’s airways, protecting the mask wearer themselves. And even if some viral particles do get through, the viral dose will still be much smaller, so the person less likely to get seriously ill.

Instead of buying another can of Lysol, invest in an air purifier, more comfortable two-ply cloth masks, or even an outdoor fire pit or space heater. Be prepared to meet friends outside in colder temperatures or insist upon masks, even in your home.

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